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Trio Sentenced for 2016 Murder

All admitted to crime spree

Ravell Deshawn Sterling (left), the victim of a 2016 robbery and murder, with his sister Shalisa Jackson, in an undated family photo.

The last of three men who admitted to killing another man in Portland during a crime spree that authorities said started when they drove from Seattle to Portland to engage in unlawful activities, has been sentenced to prison, Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt announced April 22.

All three pleaded guilty to manslaughter for their involvement in the 2016 death of Ravell Deshawn Sterling who was killed during a robbery as he was walking to the store. Clayton Harrell, 25, the most recent person to be sentenced in the crime was handed a term of 25 years. Rony Celis, 30 was sentenced to 18 years in prison on April 15 and Charles Moi Moi, 26, was sentenced last year to just over 33 years in lockup.

Each defendant will also serve additional prison time for Washington State crimes, Schmidt said.

The defendants were arrested when they attempted to flee by vehicle back to Washington after Sterling was killed, officials said, their escape foiled by a Portland Police officer who saw them and a police chase that spanned nearly 100 miles.

“This has been a long and hard-fought case. The defendants came into our community with the intent of causing harm including taking things that did not belong to them and tragically ending a life. These acts are intolerable and demand accountability. Their combined sentences are over 75 years of prison time.” stated Senior Deputy District Attorney Nathan Vasquez.

The victim’s family spoke to the court about the immense loss they experienced. “Ravell was loved by his friends and family, he worked hard in life at his day job and was beginning to realize his dreams of becoming a performing rap artist. He stayed out of trouble and cared for his family.” stated his sister Shalisa Jackson.


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