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TriMet Approves Low Income Fare

People of low income will qualify for reduced fares on TriMet buses and trains starting July 1.

TriMet will launch a new low-income fare program on July 1.

The transit agency’s board last week approved the new fare which makes those who meet a low-income designation qualify for an Honored Citizen Fare. TriMet’s Honored Citizen fare is currently $1.25, which is half the cost of an Adult Fare.

TriMet was provided a dedicated funding source for a low-income fare program in the Legislature last year and that paved the way for the new policy, TriMet officials said.

Prior to that, TriMet spent several years researching a sustainable approach for such a program and, in coordination with Metro, convened a task force to begin development of a low-income fare program.

Individuals who earn up to 200 percent of the federal poverty level will qualify for the new program. Under current guidelines, individuals earning an annual income up to $23,760 would qualify, as would a family of four with earnings up to $48,600.

Over the next few months, TriMet’s low-income fare project team will work to build out the new program’s database, registration process, outreach and marketing plan and community and rider training materials.


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