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Team Faced Racist Taunts

Apology not enough for Parkrose girls

Members of the Parkrose girls basketball team faced racist taunts during a recent game at St. Helens. (KPTV photo)

An apology wasn’t enough for members of the Parkrose High School girls basketball team which faced racist taunts during a game at St. Helens High School.

The Parkrose girls and coach spoke out last week after a letter was sent out to parents by the Parkrose superintendent, saying that an “unfortunate incident” happened to the girls during a Jan. 15 game in St. Helens.

The Parkrose coaches and players say while the team was playing, the St. Helens fans were making monkey noises and calling them the n-word.

The fans started yelling slurs during the junior varsity games and then it trickled into the varsity game, Parkrose Coach Krystal Fortham told KPTV. The students said it wasn’t the first time it’s happened.

A statement issued by the St. Helens superintendent apologized for the incident and said the school district would take “appropriate action." The Oregon Schools Activities Association released a statement saying, “This type of behavior is unacceptable at high school events.”

The Parkrose girls, however, feel too little is being done and want St. Helens High School sports to face disciplinary action. The Parkrose superintendent says he’s also asked the St. Helens School District to provide more security, including school resource officers at games.



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