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Resilience Leads to African Kitchen

New business owner adapted for success

Portland business owner Khadro Abdi started Alleamin African Kitchen, a micro restaurant selling fresh Somalian food, sauces and catering, in August 2020. Photo courtesy Prosper Portland.

Business owner Khadro Abdi, a refugee from Somalia who came to Portland in 2005, has demonstrated both her own resilience and the power of Portland’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Married and the mother two children, Abdi recently shared her story of creating Alleamin African Kitchen during difficult times with the help of resources backed by Prosper Portland, the city’s economic development agency.

Abdi was able to adapt to her new culture, language and business environment by maintaining a positive attitude, recognizing that while starting a business is complex and difficult, it’s also a learning process.

Her support came from several nonprofits funded through Prosper Portland’s Inclusive Business Resource Network. IBRN members Livelihood NW, IRCO and others offered help with food product development and licensing as well as legal and accounting advice.

A Small Business Development Center course inspired her to develop a unique spicy/sweet red sauce to pair with the sambusas she served at her first small restaurant. Thanks to a partnership with local grocery Market of Choice she launched her Alleamin Yanyo sauce in 2017.

In August 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, she opened Alleamin African Kitchen, a micro restaurant selling fresh Somalian food, sauces, and catering.

Her food products are now available at groceries and farmers markets throughout Portland.

She is grateful for the help she’s received from the network partners, saying, “They helped me with both personal and business questions. I found kindness and cultural understanding.”

Alleamin African Kitchen is located at 6935 N.E. Glisan St. For more information, make an order or reach the restaurant, call 971-279-4016, use Doordash or email



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