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Represent a Non-Profit? Learn About This Program!

Funds Available Through the Community Livability Grant

A Community Livability Grant in the Central Eastside TIF District helped to fund improvements in Kickstand Comedy’s new building.

The Community Livability Grant (CLG) provides grants to community-based organizations for projects that promote healthy, complete, and resilient neighborhoods and respond to and respect the diversity of its residents. Eligible applicants include nonprofit organizations, neighborhood and business associations, and neighborhood groups. Property owners may also be eligible.

The CLG is for Nonprofit organizations, neighborhood and business associations, and neighborhood groups located within the Central EastsideGateway Regional CenterInterstate CorridorLents Town Center and North Macadam Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Districts are eligible. The total maximum grant award is $300,000; awards typically range from $10,000 to $50,000. You may reapply each year, but any organization that has previously been awarded a cumulative total of $300,000 has reached the maximum and will no longer be eligible. 

The CLG focuses on projects that benefit historically underserved communities and promote widely shared prosperity. For example, such projects would improve access to jobs and workforce development services, support wealth creation opportunities for small business owners.

You can apply once you have a concept plan, projected budget, and schedule. You should be ready to start your project if your application is approved. Project bids must be submitted within 3 months and the project must be completed within one year of the grant award. If you’re not ready to proceed with your project and cannot meet these timelines, please wait to apply when this timeframe can be met. For more information please contact:



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