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Rent Cap Increase for Oregon Renters

Evictions have increased statewide

A 'Now Leasing' sign hangs off an apartment building staircase in southeast Portland, Ore., on Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2021. (AP-Sara cline)

According to State officials the 2023 rent cap in Oregon will be 14.6%.The news comes as statewide evictions are increasing and the pandemic tenant protections are coming to an end on September 30.

Rent in the coming year for a $2,000-per-month unit may be increased by $292 monthly under the 2023 cap. Those who live in the city of Portland may be eligible for relocation assistance depending on how much their rent goes up. As soon as next month, renters could receive notice of a massive rent increase.

Many Oregon families lack an affordable and safe place to call home, this announcement marks a very real threat of increased housing instability and homelessness among those with below income living wages. Kim McCarty, Executive Director of Community Alliance of Tenants whose organization’s Renters’ Rights Hotline has experienced an increase in calls since the pandemic. McCarty stated “People with housing who are just barely making it are already terrified of being forced to live in cars or in tents and their fears are justified. The leading cause of the homelessness that we see throughout the state is the rising cost of housing, and the lack of affordable housing leading to evictions. Having a job is no longer an indicator of your ability to remain housed.”

JOIN is a homeless services agency helping families avoid homelessness and get stable in housing after life on the streets. Katrina Holland who is the Executive Director of JOIN says

“More families falling into new homelessness due to evictions or rent increases will be stretching our homelessness response system beyond its already burdened capacity. What we see with homelessness now is nothing like what it could become. These conditions affect not only our ability to say yes to folks looking for rent assistance, but also how many people we can say yes to. Rent assistance only goes so far for so many as rents continue to increase.”

The Oregon Law Center advises if you applied for rent assistance before July 1, 2022 and haven’t received it, you should contact the agency they applied through to see if they need anything else from you to speed up the application. If your landlord takes you to eviction court, contact the Oregon Law Center Eviction Defense Project at 888-585-9638.

Stable Homes for Oregon Families is a coalition of housing advocates, labor unions, education and health professionals, businesses, and citizens who believe in the stability of home. They are a diverse coalition of people and organizations that recognize Oregon's opportunity to help solve the housing crisis and secure our future.



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