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Refurbished Court in Northeast Portland

Basketball Court is Complete and Ready for Use!

From left to right Brindice Rodriguez, Kenny Haug, Mizhrua Bautista, Ryan Horiuchi, Brandon Broadus, Daisia Davis

The Portland Basketball Courts Revitalization Project is a public/private partnership between Nike, Portland Trail Blazers, and Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R).

The endeavor has and continues to refresh and improve numerous courts throughout the Portland area. The project supports various PP&R programs in Portland including the bureau’s Goldenball Youth Basketball, which celebrated its 85th season in 2022.

The Portland Basketball Courts Revitalization Project is funded by $750,000 from Nike and $300,000 from the Portland Trail Blazers. It’s also a continuation of Nike’s 2002 commitment to the Portland Parks Foundation to resurface outdoor basketball courts.

“Beautiful courts like the at McCoy Park make basketball available for so many Portland neighborhoods,” says PP&R Director Adena Long. “This partnership benefits players of all ages and abilities, and we are proud to move forward to our next project – at Dawson Park – together.” The new and improved Dawson Park basketball court is complete and ready for use.


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