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Read for Fun and Prizes

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

6/26/2019, 10:17 a.m

Multnomah County encourages kids to read for fun and prizes this summer. The annual Summer Reading program is in full swing at all branch libraries. Photo courtesy The Library Foundation

Young people are exploring from a universe of stories and enjoying a galaxy of fun this summer as the Multnomah County Library system hosts its Summer Reading program.

Geared to babies, kids and teens, sign ups are now being taken at any neighborhood library. To help grow interest, the library also offers dozens of free summer reading events, camps and classes to keep youth of all ages playing and learning. Young people can craft origami, meet miniature horses, learn about constellations, listen to and perform music, and more!

About 85,000 students are already signed up through their schools, reinforcing the fact that summer reading is critical for school success. The program is open to kids of all ages, from birth to high school students entering grade 12. High school students have the option to play online.

Participants can earn books, restaurant coupons and other prizes. Summer Reading is supported by gifts to The Library Foundation, a local nonprofit.

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