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Paying Tribute to the Dedication of Heroes

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

National recognition for well deserved Local EMS Professional

The American Ambulance Association (AAA) will be celebrating the best and brightest of EMS professionals during its annual Stars of Life celebration on November 6-8, 2023. At this year’s event, EMS professionals from across the United States will be honored as the 2023 Stars of Life including a local Metro West Ambulance-Baker City employee.

Kristina Ploeger, Operations Manager/Paramedic 2023 Star of Life

Receiving this national honor and recognition will be Kristina Ploeger, Operations Manager of Metro West Ambulance-Baker City (which serves the Baker/Huntington EMS service area).

The Stars of Life program pays tribute to the dedication of these heroes while shining light on the critical role EMS plays in our healthcare infrastructure. To serve as a light for others during their worst moments truly is Kristina Ploeger's passion and what she has dedicated her life to.

Her drive stems from her humble upbringing which instilled in her values that paved the way for the person she is today. Kristina realized at a young age what was truly important to her; family, health, and happiness.

In that spirit, Kristina launched her healthcare career in 2002 caring for dementia patients. A few years later, she started volunteering as a Firefighter with Columbia River Fire in St Helen’s, Oregon. It was there that Kristina quickly realized she had found more than a career—she found her life’s calling. Kristina graduated with her college degree and her Paramedic license, and spent 17 years working for Metro West Ambulance in Hillsboro, Oregon. Last year, in search of a change of scenery, Kristina and her family moved to Idaho where she became a licensed real estate agent. A few months later, when she learned that Metro West had become the ambulance provider in Baker County, Oregon, she couldn’t deny her calling nor pass up the opportunity to serve again as a Paramedic with Metro West. Today Kristina serves as the Operations Manager and as a Paramedic at Metro West Ambulance-Baker City serving the Baker/Huntington EMS service area.

Kristina and her husband Paul, who is also an EMT for the ambulance service, keep busy with their family-together they have 5 children as well as a daughter-in-law and a son-in-law with many of them serving in EMS/Fire and in the health care industry. In her spare time, Kristina serves as a part-time Firefighter/Paramedic for Parma Fire in Idaho and both Kristina and Paul serve with the Coast Guard Auxiliary as Vessel Examiners.

During Kristina’s time in Washington, our Star of Life recipient, accompanied by executive hosts, will meet with her members of Congress and congressional aides to discuss legislative issues critical to emergency medical services.


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