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‘On the Edge’ Art Quilts

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

6/10/2019, 2:45 p.m

A quilt by Judith Quinn Garnett is from a collection of art quilts made in Portland that are on display this summer at the Oregon Historical Society (left) and ‘Equal Value, Different Shades” is the title of Sherri Culver’s creative quilt. PHOTOS COURTESY PUSHDON STUDIO AND HODDICK PHOTOGRAPHY

This summer, the Oregon Historical Society hosts an original exhibit of art quilts developed by local Studio Art Quilt Associates artists titled “On the Edge.” The group invited members to interpret, either in a representational or abstract way, a response to the theme of being on the edge, be it physically, geographically, emotionally, philosophically or in personality Even those unfamiliar with quilting, will appreciate the original interpretations of the theme as well as the technical skill employed to design the works of art. “The stellar quality of the works are a testament to the skill and creativity of the artists involved,” said Karen Sunday Spencer, curator of the exhibit. A two-gallery show, the exhibit is now showing through Aug. 15 at the Oregon Historical Society Museum at 1200 S.W. Park Ave.

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