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New book asks Can you Guess?

Black Trivia and other Great Tales

Los Angeles author and poet Michael E. Hudson Sr. has roots in Oregon where earned a degree in communications from Pacific University.

“Trivia from the Three Trails,” an encyclopedic collection of short stories by Black author and poet Michael E. Hudson Sr., wonderfully puts your mind to work by asking, “Can you Guess?”

You’ll love the brain twisters and the diversity of topics to explore. The author’s interests in social justice, race, religion, popular music and other topics shine brightly in this February 2023 publication available for purchase on

Inspired by the concept of people coming together on paths of life where gossip and information is shared and traded, Hudson engages in a guessing game for thought-provoking stories which reflect on a variety of entertaining subjects and people, both currently famous and historic.

The Harlem Globetrotters are known for breaking racial barriers, for example, but in “The Team That Always Loses,”Hudson brings out some fascinating facts behind the team’s loyal opponents.In another piece, “Cassius Marcellus Clay,” the story is based on the greatest, Muhammad Ali, and his ancestor who was named after an abolitionist and politician who served under President Lincoln.

In another chapter, “Babyface and Stephen” the trivia is about miracles and “When you believe”as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston join one of America’s most famous R&B composers to produce a number one hit song.

In “Rachel,” Hudson exposes some facts behindMeaghan Markle’s name and other royal ties to California, such as theBritish House of Windsor and Windsor Hills, a neighborhood in Los Angeles where Markle’s mother resides.The author’s “The Poem'' explores the origins of the song, Lift Every Voice and Sing, the Black National Anthem. And in “Daniel,” you discover how Louis Armstrong took Jewish music and jazz to form his own style and reach the top of the entertainment world.

Other highlights from the book include “The Paratrooper,” a story about Jimi Hendrix, the greatest guitarist of all time, who as an honorable Black veteran, played his own version of the National Anthem to capture American glory.

“Trivia from the Three Trails” is a good read that captures the author’s spirit of sharing.

Michael E. HudsonSr. has roots in Oregon where he earned a degree in communications from Pacific University and currently serves on the university’s Board of Trustees. A native of Los Angeles where he currently resides, “Trivia from the Three Trails” is his fourth book, following “A Night on the Bus,” “Three Seconds of Black” and “Les Chansons pour Jennifer.”


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