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Learning Financial Basics Online

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

iQ Credit Union offers online learning platform for children and adults

Helping kids and others learn the value of money and other financial basics. iQ Credit Union with offices in Portland and Vancouver has launched a free online learning platform.

iQ Credit Union has launched an online learning platform available for children and adults to help them learn financial basics from anywhere, anytime.

The robust educational courses are filled with interactive resources and tools, from games and videos, to quizzes and downloadable checklists. These online courses add to the existing resources that iQ has available online: a financial survival guide, budgeting checklist, home buying guide, a constantly updating blog, and more.

Children can work through fun and interactive courses with Trail Guide Tim and Mountaineer Molly, who walk through basic financial literacy for K-6 grades. Young adults and adults can learn more about budgeting, credit, and investing, through online classes and quizzes.

"Wherever you are in life or whatever age you are, learning more about financial literacy can make a huge impact on your life. To be able to provide resources and easy courses to help our community get further along their financial journey means a lot to us," says Tim Walley, Aka Trail Guide Tim.

iQ Credit Union with offices in Portland and Vancouver was founded by teachers 80 years ago and continues to support education to credit union members and in local schools through in-person or virtual presentations, or by providing additional resources to educators who want to teach the material on their own.

Learn more about iQ’s educational efforts and online courses by visiting


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