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Leading Discussions on Race

Radio show honored for rigorous coverage

“Let’s Talk About Race,” an intergenerational, roundtable discussion by independent national journalists, including Lanita Duke, Cecil Prescod and others from Portland’s activist community, has been honored with 2021 national and international audio content awards.

Engaging in rigorous conversations and analysis of news coverage regarding the role race plays in politics, government, the economy, education, and health, “Lets Talk About Race” currently airs nationally on the Pacifica Radio network -homebased at KBOO Radio in Portland and archived on SoundCloud . Brown Hope provided seed money for this project.

Lanita Duke

LTAR brings independent journalists from all over the country from Oregon to Texas and Pennsylvania. The hosts bring their own flavor, journalistic perspectives, and integrity to the show. LTAR also incorporates clips from news outlets from around the Broadcast News world.

The roundtable line-up features Lanita Duke, award-winning audio and video producer who has written, directed, and produced political news and commentary for Grassroots NW and KBOO Radio for over 45 years. Dianne Johnson, a journalist from Texas co-host/musicologist on From the Grassroots, a political news magazine. Althea Billings, current news director at KBOO Community Radio. Cecil Prescod, talk-show host local, national, and international issues ranging from poverty in Portland to politics in Africa. Nia Gray, host and blogger of The Faith Report and The Woke Church in Pittsburgh, Penn.. Mary Li, the Director of the Multnomah Idea Lab, a think tank in Portland.

In 2021, Let’s Talk About Race took home 1st place honors at national and international audio and film festivals including the Hometown Media Awards, Hollywood Women’s Film Institute, The New Cinema Film and Music Festival. In international competitions, LTAR won the Creative Summit International Awards-- Bronze, Let's Talk About Race: Earth Day Show, the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival--Let’s Talk About Race: The Woke Church and Social Gospel Show and the 20th Urban Mediamakers Festival (UMF)--Let’s Talk About Race (LTAR) Holiday Shows directed by Lanita Duke (United States) - Best Digital Journalism – Winner.



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