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KairosPDX Gets 5 year Lease

KairosPDX is a K-5 charter school focusing on closing the achievement gap for its majority Black students.

KairosPDX, the public charter school that focuses on closing the achievement gap for its majority-black students, has signed a new, longer lease from Portland Public Schools that leaders of the school say will give them more stability.

On Dec. 18, the school board voted to offer Kairos a three year lease with an option to renew for an additional two years, Portland Public School Board Chair Rita Moore confirmed to the Portland Observer via email.

That extension gives the school the five year lease they originally requested back in August for their stay at the former Humboldt Elementary School located on North Gatenbein Avenue.

“This gives us the time we need to find a permanent home for Kairos and the growing community we serve,” Kairos said in press release on New Year’s Eve.

The organization was recently honored by Portland’s Human Rights Commission for its work using evidence-based teaching methods to bolster the learning outcomes for underserved and minority students since 2012.


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