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Junior Golf Offers Career Help

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Program called 'Bridge 2 Success'

The Leisure Hour Junior Golf Program in Portland is launching a new, versatile, post-high school transition program called Bridge 2 Success to provide high school juniors and seniors a path to higher education and alternative post-high school career options.

In addition to student preparation, Bridge 2 Success drives to ensure that all students are supported through transition out of high school by providing clearer direction, lifelong tools and enrichment for all students. Participants seeking to pursue the alternative option of joining the workforce upon graduation or considering military service are also provided pathways to these options.

The versatility and access provided by the Bridge 2 Success program results in many advantages to Portland-Vancouver Metro Area students transitioning out of high school.

Applications are currently being accepted for the upcoming school year. Register at the LHJGP website, The deadline is Friday, Aug. 13.

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