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In Loving Memory

Norman Branch

Norman Branch

July 29, 1955 - January 31, 2024

Today our beloved Norman Branch is resting peacefully amongst others that have gone before him.  He has graciously received his wings of gold. 

Everyone looked up to him, he didn’t allow any confusion. Like the strength of Gorilla glue, he was the adhesive of his family. 

A Five Star General, a Legend, and Entrepreneur, a successful businessman who had a word when it came to taking care of business.  

Mainly to his children though, he was just “Daddy”.

The love for his children, siblings, extended family, and friends, was phenomenal.  He embraced strangers, they became a part of his family. An influential Icon to people in Portland, Oregon.   

Words of wisdom to his children were: “Never Fold”, “Keep Your Word”, “Always Stand on Respect”, “Do Right by Others” and “Keep Your Heart Right”. 

Norman was a true example of the phrase blood, sweat and tears.  From hard work throughout the years, achieving all the goals he set for himself, is what made him the man he became. Especially the goal of remodeling his parents’ home, the place he grew up in with his siblings, and able to share with his children. 

Happier days were spent around his close friends known as “The Dream Team”, fishing, on a boat enjoying life.  One day Norman found himself on the edge of a fishing bank in his boxer’s and T-shirt, with a fishing pole in hand.  He probably caught a lot of fish that day. (lol). 

Our beloved Norman is gone physically, but not in our hearts.  He lives forever in our souls. 

This loving father, grandfather, brother, uncle, cousin, relative and friend will be missed dearly for Mr. Norman Branch was one in a Zillion, not a Trillion or a Million.

Funeral Home:  Zeller’s Chapel of The Roses, 2107 NE Broadway Portland, Oregon 97232, (503) 287-1155. Date of Service:  Saturday, February 17, 2024 at Maranatha Church located at 4222 NE 12th Street. Contact Zeller’s for time of Service & Internet Broadcasting.


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