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In Loving Memory

Evelyn Smith

Evelyn Smith was born Jan. 30, 1941 to the late Curtis and Martha Cunningham. Curtis was a nurse and Martha a teacher in Portland.

Evelyn was immersed in the Christian community that would be her lifelong support.

She was blessed with a large and loving family. She married twice. First to James Graham with whom she had a son, James A. Graham; then many years later to James Smith with whom she had daughter Sabrina Smith and son Andre Smith in Portland. She raised these three beautiful children with patience, discipline and humility. She taught them to read, write, sew and often took them on long family drives to see the natural beauty.

Evelyn worked in many different facets in life where she was able to meet and help many different people. She was kind and softly spoken, and always had time to answer a question or solve a problem, no matter how small. She will be dearly missed by her loved ones.

Evelyn is survived by her son James A. Graham, daughter Sabrina Haskins; her sister Cynthia Cunningham; her grandsons C. Haskins and P Haskins, granddaughters Michelle Cady and Coisha Graham, and great granddaughter Kori Hardy.

She was preceded in death by her parents; brother Rudolph Cunningham; and son Andre Smith.


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