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Hair and Teeth Services Under One Roof

Renise Kelly (teeth whitening technician and dental hygienist) Tisha Aspirations (owner) Miranda (stylist)

Natural Hair and Extensions has been in business for 7 years. However, the Independent Contractors and Commission Professionals have over 40 years experience. They desire to provide customers with the best experience with a passionate professional. The business consists of hair barber Mario Woods, color and curly hair specialist Kailia Smith, protective style stylist Miranda Hardy, Tooth Gem and Teeth Whitening technician Renise Kelly and Tisha Aspirations who is the owner and specializes in Hair Loss and extensions.

The Beauty Supply Store is located in the Pearl District at 634 NW 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97209. It is the First Black Owned Beauty Supply Store in the Pearl District. Operation hours are 8am - 3pm Tuesday- Friday and 8am-5pm Saturdays. Community members can reach out to 503-841-6220 for an appointment or visit their website at



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