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Fire Safety for Doors and More

Chris Warren

Portland-native and Benson High School graduate, Chris Warren is the co-owner, along with Jared Amato, of Oregon Door Consultants. Always someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, Chris sought out opportunities to learn new industries, provide mentorship and coaching to others, and sees the most potential in working for himself. Oregon Door Consultants is a specialty contracting company that focuses on furnishing and installing doors, frames, and hardware. Currently, ODC is working on projects at the Portland International Airport with the Hoffman Skanska joint venture, the Salem Public Works project with Howard S. Wright, and the University of Portland tenant improvement project, to name a few.

Chris doesn’t use the word “employee” when describing the people with whom he works, they are his team members. “We’re all on the same team,” Chris states. “And at the end of the day, every business owner, the key to their success is taking care of those associates, taking care of the people that work with them because those are the people that allow a business to shine, allow a business to look good, allow an owner to be successful.” Recognizing and appreciating his team members is key and treating his team members like family comes second nature. Chris’s mantra is simple: “I’m going to value every person on my team and make sure they know that they are very much appreciated because they are the success of the business.”As for budding entrepreneurs, Chris’s advice is this: “Find your passion and do your passion. Some of us are set up to go work for people. Some of us are set up to control our own success and destiny and have our own free time. And I would encourage everyone that is not afraid to take the leap to have their own business. Don’t exchange your time for money but control your own schedule.”



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