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Celebrating Small Business Month in May

Supporting the Growth of Small Business in the Community

Owners of Mercado Latino on Fourth Plain Boulevard in central Vancouver

Vancouver Mayor Anne McEnerny-Ogle proclaimed the month of May “Small Business Month” in Vancouver. The designation coincides with National Small Business Month and National Small Business Week. Also on May 6, City Manager Eric Holmes and regional staff of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) will sign a Strategic Alliance Memorandum. The document publicly illustrates the City’s commitment and partnership with the SBA, working together to meet the needs of the small business community.

“Small businesses represent more than 95 percent of our businesses; they are the heart and soul of our city’s economy,” said Mayor Anne McEnerny-Ogle. “Small Business Month is a time for residents and visitors to affirm and support those in our city who are hard at work to both offer us their exceptional goods and services, as well as to keep their dream of being business owners alive." Throughout May, the City and its partners will share ways for the community to support small businesses and promote opportunities for entrepreneurs, startups and existing small businesses to grow and thrive in Vancouver.

The City is committed to supporting the growth of its small business community by removing barriers to success and bolstering a thriving local economy through programs such as business assistance, the Community Development Block Grant program provided $485,000 in small business assistance for culturally specific workshops, one-on-one specialized business consulting and opened a community commercial kitchen for food-related businesses in 2023. The City will provide an estimated $400,000 for additional business assistance this year. Doing Business with the City, A program that publicly advertises bid opportunities offering businesses the opportunity to fulfill the City’s needs for goods, services, construction/public improvement projects, and professional/technical assistance.

An interactive website invites businesses to submit bids, quotes, and proposals competitively. This service offers businesses a unique solution to filling their project pipelines, adding to their expanded growth and sales. A Restaurant Start-Up Guide that is a simple eight-step guide detailing what permits, licensing, plans and inspections are needed before opening a restaurant within City limits. The City prioritizes the success and retention of small, local businesses as part of all key development projects taking place across Vancouver, including Waterfront Gateway, the Heights DistrictMain Street Promise and Fourth Plain for All investment strategy. Follow the hashtag #CouveSmallBiz and visit the City of Vancouver on social media’s.


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