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Celebrate the people who help keep our region moving

Give ‘thanks’ to TriMet’s nearly 1,400 bus and train operators

Photo courtesy of Trimet News

Gov. Tina Kotek signed a proclamation declaring March 18, 2023, Transit Driver Appreciation Day. “Every day, you connected people with opportunity, providing a safe, reliable ride to work, school, appointments, services and so much more,” Kotek said. Gov. Kotek is inviting everyone in the state of Oregon to observe Transit Driver Appreciation Day. TriMet bus and train operators always go the extra mile. They’re up early and out late, maneuvering giant vehicles, often through challenging conditions. They can be the first and sometimes the last person riders see in their day.

They help move millions, yet welcome one at a time, for a safe, reliable ride. Although Transit Driver Appreciation Day traditionally falls on March 18, TriMet has moved our celebration up one day last Friday, to bring it into the traditional work week, when more people ride and more operators are at work, to experience the extra community support. In case you have missed it this year here are a few things to remember for next year’s Transit Driver Appreciation Day.

Shine a light! If your operator is coming to your stop early in the morning when it’s still dark, use your cell phone as a light to help them see you and stop to pick you up! Take care not to flash bright lights directly at the operator. Say hello! Consider sharing a kind word when you step on the bus, to let the operator know that you’re a nice person and appreciate their work.

Help make their day! Show common courtesy for our operators and others, by following the rules for riding and helping create a pleasant atmosphere for everyone on board. Consider a not-so-random act of kindness! Say thanks in your own way – with a wave, a smile or a nice note. Community members can visit to leave a digital note for an individual operator or the entire team!


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