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Bringing the Stomp N’ Shake style to Oregon

There is more to cheer then just flips!

McDaniel High School Cheer Team and Coach Sharlivia Slaughter

Sharlivia Slaughter is the student success coordinator and the cheer coach at McDaniel High, School of The Lions. Slaughter has been the cheer coach since 2017. She told The Portland Observer that there is so much more to coaching cheer. Her girls really depend on her in other aspects as well. She oversees both the Junior Varsity and Varsity cheer teams. While with basketball season cheer spots are a little more limited for competition purposes, during football season she noted that she fills up all 25 spots. Slaughter said “I didn’t do any cuts for cheer during the football season.” I want to give everyone an opportunity to cheer and if I can do that, why not?”

The cheer team at McDaniel High School do not do flips or tumble, instead they have been perfecting the non-traditional style of cheer called "Stomp N' Shake." This style of cheer is popular in the south and originated from black colleges. “Stomp-N-Shake” cheerleading incorporates traditional motions that are clean and sharp, which showcase a team's skill, technique, & ability. When Slaughter was asked who idea it was to do the Stomp N’ Shake style she replied “It was the girl’s idea!” Oregon doesn’t offer the stomp category but there are other schools in Oregon that practice Stomp N Shake. Slaughter told The Portland Observer hopefully the schools can come together and be recognized. The Lions are now preparing for an upcoming cheer competition in October in Sherwood. This competition will be inclusively for Stomp N’ Shake.



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