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A Dazzling Display of Talent

Shaping Futures through the Art of Dance

Jefferson Dancers 2022 - 2023

On Friday, November 17, the renowned Jefferson Dancers from Jefferson High School/Middle College for Advanced Studies will grace the stage at Body ox at 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. in a dazzling display of talent. This annual event, aptly named SOAR, will feature the incredible performances of 18 vibrant and multi-ethnic students aged 14-18, showcasing six original pieces in various dance styles. The Jefferson Dancers, affectionately known as "the JDs," have a storied history of excellence. Once federally funded, they now rely heavily on the generous support of donors to continue their mission of empowering young artists to bring their dreams to life.

Under the dedicated leadership of Artistic Director Steve Gonzales, the Jefferson Dancers maintain an intense daily rehearsal schedule, dedicating three hours each school day in addition to a 90-minute dance instruction class. This rigorous training allows the JDs to excel in diverse dance styles, including ballet, modern, jazz, tap, hip-hop, and African. Gonzales proudly shares, "Throughout the year, we bring in professional guest artists and choreographers, and the dancers also perform student-led pieces crafted by our talented company members. This commitment to excellence instills professionalism in our dancers and equips them to thrive on their challenges."

SOAR 2023: Joie De Vivre fundraiser is a critical annual event that helps sustain the Jefferson Dancers' ongoing program. Funds raised contribute to covering expenses such as guest artists, costumes, and the highly anticipated journey to Aix in Provence, France, this spring. Artistic Director Steve Gonzales, who has dedicated 25 years to the Jefferson Dancers, reflects on the company's mission: "The Jefferson Dancers offer an extraordinary opportunity for students at one of Oregon's most racially diverse high schools. Our mission is to provide students with an immersive experience in a professional environment that fosters creativity, commitment, and achievement. Through artistic expression, technique, discipline, cultural awareness, and community involvement, we lay a foundation for success in all aspects of life and further study in the arts." To learn more about the Jefferson Dancers or this event, please visit or contact Lisa Dungan Roth at 503-913-6529 and



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