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16 Acres in SE Portland Transformed

Errol Heights Park Project Completed

Errol Heights Park is open

Southeast Portland’s reimagined Errol Heights Park is now open, with work substantially complete. Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) just completed work at the 16-acre developed park and natural area, located in the Brentwood-Darlington neighborhood. The project included restoring natural habitat, establishing wildlife viewing spots, improving trails and constructing paths for better accessibility, and putting in a new playground, picnic areas, and splash pad. After planning, permitting, and robust community engagement starting in 2018, the majority of construction was completed by December, with some final touches undergoing completion. While Errol Heights Park is ready for visitors today, PP&R will wait until spring when weather conditions are more favorable to host its free, public grand opening celebration.

The park design focused on being accessible for people of all abilities and is receiving praise for achieving that goal. “I was at the new Errol Heights Park recently,” says former Portland Parks Board member Ian Jaquiss, who uses a wheelchair. “I was able to easily navigate all parts of it. And, I have to say, that is the most accessible, beautiful park I have seen.” “Errol Heights Park has long been a beloved community gathering spot focused on nature and habitat,” says Portland Culture & Livability Commissioner Dan Ryan, who oversees PP&R. “But with the new features which increase accessibility, more people can get around and enjoy the unique space. The elevated walkway, playground, and splash pad are just some of the new park features which are simply wonderful.” “We have reimagined what a hybrid park and natural area can be,” says PP&R Director Adena Long. “Restored wetlands and wildlife viewing spots complement new play areas and picnic grounds. This is an impressive, unique, and beautiful Portland park!”


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