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Salem-Keizer NAACP MLK Day

Special broadcast planned

The Salem-Keizer Branch of the NAACP invites the community to join them in celebrating the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. national holiday on Monday, Jan. 17 with a special broadcast that will air on public cable access channels.

The program will be introduced by Dr. Reginald Richardson, president of Salem-Keizer NAACP and feature Dr. Irvin Brown, Education Committee Chair for the local civil rights group, as keynote speaker.

Reginald Richardson

This year's theme is the Urgency of Creating the Beloved Community.

MLK Jr. first introduced the concept during his 1957 Birth of a Nation speech. The beloved community is a community in which everyone is cared for absent of poverty, hunger, and hate.

The Salem-Keiser NAACP MLK broadcast airs on public access cable channels 22 and 23, beginning Monday, Jan. 17 at 7:30 a.m. and 8 a.m. respectfully, and repeats throughout the day on multiple days and times through Feb. 27 on both channels.

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