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Finding a Way to Love

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Hip hop infused drama about history, identity and DNA

10/23/2019, 2:50 p.m.

Brittany K. Allen stars in the world premiere of her play ‘Redwood’ at Portland Center Stage at the Armory.

A young black woman’s relationship with her white boyfriend is thrown into turmoil when her uncle’s exploration of their family’s lineage reveals that her ancestors were enslaved by her boyfriend’s ancestors.

“Redwood,” a new play performed and written by Brittany K. Allen, an accomplished New York-based actor and playwright, makes its world premiere at Portland Center Stage at the Armory. Preview shows begin on Saturday, Oct. 26, opening night is Friday, Nov. 1 and the show plays through Nov. 17.

Guided by a hip-hop dance class chorus, the vibrant and humor-filled, theater production is about finding a way to live and love in a present that’s overpopulated with ghosts.

"How much of our identity is something we choose? And how much of it is tied to our genealogy – the traumas and joys of our ancestors being passed along to us through generations?” said Chip Miller, the play’s associate producer. “That Brittany is able to ask these challenging questions while maintaining a true sense of joy, surprise, and theatricality, continues to astound me Plus, there’s dancing!"

Tickets are $25 to $87. Visit, call 503-445-3700 or the box office at 128 N.W. 11th Ave.


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