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Advancing Diversity and Inclusion

Nonprofit leader hired at Oregon Community Foundation

The Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) recently announced the appointment of Marcy Bradley as its Vice President of Equity and Culture.

Bradley has been a successful nonprofit leader committed to improving educational outcomes for Oregon’s most vulnerable children for more than 25 years, previously leading Elevate Oregon, and as executive director of Self Enhancement, Inc. (SEI).

Marcy Bradley

“She is a compassionate and vocal champion for the under-served and a coalition builder, in support of OCF’s mission. I have every confidence that Marcy will excel in her new role,” said Max Williams, the Oregon Community Foundation’s president and chief executive officer. In her new role, Bradley will be responsible for deepening the Foundation’s commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion and strengthening these values across the organization, alongside colleagues on the OCF Executive Team, Williams said. Prior to her appointment, Bradley served as the program officer for Black Student Success, an Oregon Community Foundation initiative that evolved from a small pilot to a national model for improving the educational experience of Black students. In 2018, at the behest of a committed group of Black leaders and advocates, OCF launches the initiative with a $600,000 investment. One year later, philanthropic partners added $525,000 in community grants to expand the student success network to 20 nonprofit organizations working to improve educational outcomes for Black students in Oregon. By 2020, the program gained the support of 24 Black-led organizations around the state committed to bring grassroots educational leaders together to provide direction to funders on the best practices that will advance Black children toward success from early childhood through post-secondary education. In the current year, OCF has dedicated $5 million to the Black Student Success Initiative.



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