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A New “Front Door” to Healthcare

Opening Services to Those Experiencing Homelessness

Central City Concern's Mobile Health Van

Central City Concern (CCC) formally launches a new Mobile Health program as part of our new 2023-2026 Strategic Plan. A launch party, including speakers and the unveiling of two new, custom built healthcare vans was held on Tuesday, April 16. Speakers honoring the new program included Dr. Andy Mendenhall, CCC President and CEO; Dan McMillan, President and CEO, The Standard; and Dr. Sejal Hathi, Director, Oregon Health Authority; among others. The event was sponsored by The Standard. 

People experiencing homelessness are constantly on the move, which can make traditional “brick and mortar” service delivery challenging. CCC has partnered with Medical Teams International (MTI) to move the front door of traditional healthcare, making it easier to offer services in a mobile setting. CCC will now offer a range of expanded primary care which includes behavioral health care, improving access to services and housing resources, while MTI is offering dental services. CCC’s two new, large, custom-made vans allow our teams to directly provide wound care, physical exams, infectious disease screening, vaccinations, and medications.  

CCC operates two teams, each staffed with a combination of roles including a Primary Care Provider (Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, or Naturopathic Doctor), behavioral health specialist, and a community health outreach worker. The teams are visiting the Temporary Assistance Shelter Sites (TASS), sanctioned encampments and congregate shelter sites, unsanctioned encampments and locations where unsheltered community members are located, and service hubs like day centers, food/meal resource sites, and community events. 

We are so proud to celebrate this milestone event,” says Dr. Andy Mendenhall, President and CEO. “Folks need access to the right treatment at the right time. Sometimes that means bringing services to their front door, wherever that may be. We know a lot of folks in our community have felt unseen or marginalized by traditional healthcare services. Our hope is that by bringing healthcare to our neighbors' door, we can treat problems immediately and prevent future complications or hospitalizations. Timely treatment is a core to building trust and getting folks connected with other necessary services. If you see one of our vans going down your street, give a little wave and say hi!


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